Last updated Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Hey! I’m Spaghetti Oh! Welcome to my blog about…stuff!!!!11

I’m here to post posts about video games mostly, but you’ll find stuff about cars, movies, and other things as this blog continues to grow. I’m trying as hard as possible to keep everything here unbiased, un-fanboy-y, and as recent and entertaining as it can be. Hopefully you’ll stay a while, or maybe even become a regular customer to my musings.

You can catch me on XBOX Live as Spaghetti Oh, or email me at eric at spaghettioh dot com. Thanks for checking things out!

It's-a-me...Spaghetti Oh!
Here’s a shot of me at the office…

Yes, those are LEGO cars on my shelves.
Yes, that is a Dethklok t-shirt.
Yes, that is my real head.