A much needed absence...

Posted by Eric on Friday, March 27th, 2009 in Rants

Needless to say I’m totally full of suck when it comes to keeping this website up over the last couple months. I’ve been taking a sort-of vacation...from everything...and everyone. Most likely this will continue for another month or so as I’m rounding up some side-projects for a couple people and moving to a new flat. Not to mention I caught the second round of the damned workplace plague. I swear when I’m done this time I’m closing my door, and no one is allowed in without proper sterilization and an EMF test.

I’ve got a lot to say, so the rest of this article will probably just be a bunch of jumbled bull shit. If you’ve been following any of the articles I’ve written thus far or kept up with the things I generally talk about, everything should make sense.

First off, all I’m going to do is post this one image. One image should be the gavel for the case I’ve made. Ready?

A Jelly Belly video game, huh? Well then....
Court is adjourned.

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Seeing the greatest movie ever twice in one weekend still isn’t enough

Posted by Eric on Monday, July 21st, 2008 in Movies / Reviews
The Dark Knight poster

The Dark Knight is easily the one of the best movies I’ve ever even thought about seeing, and seeing it the second time was just as pants-wetting. However, when the previews were over and I was still only looking at normal movie screen, I realized that my second experience with the film would hardly do justice against the previous viewing with the eight-storey tall IMAX version. The beginning of the movie wowed every soul in the theater as a collective gasp came over the audience during the opening shot of Gotham city covering the entire screen. The first six or so minutes consisted of straight IMAX-filmed movie that made everyone realize how absurdly large the screen actually is, only to be followed by the best 146 minutes anyone will probably ever experience in a movie theater.

If you’ve not seen the movie yet, I’ll do the honor in telling you to stop reading this and order your tickets now (then come back of course...). It lives up to everything you could ever want from a Batman movie and completely obliterates and puts to shame everything Batman up to this moment. At no point whatsoever during the film did I feel as though something could have been done differently. Every shot, camera angle, or word spoken was gracefully executed by some of the best film crew and actors Hollywood could possibly throw at a script with such high expectations.

Ledger’s performance as the Joker is absolutely golden, and unfortunately can never be looked forward to in a future title. When I originally heard of Ledger’s selection as the character, I was somewhat disappointed that other prospects were not chosen. As anticipation of the movie increased, and footage and understanding of the character slowly seeped from the set, I’ve grown to admire the staff’s choice of Ledger as the infamous Joker. In some ways I’d wished his laugh was a bit more maniacal and/or breathy, but in seeing his performance for the second time I caught on to, and admired much more, the sarcastic outlook on life and philosophy Ledger managed to pull off so effortlessly.

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