Mark Bozon should be a role model for everyone at IGN...

Posted by Eric on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 in Rants / Reviews
Mark Bozon @

As you know I’ve become more and more agitated with the lack of talent at IGN and have become more inclined to start looking elsewhere for game coverage. I’ve been going there for more than 10 years now, and a lot of the people there are just completely inexperienced with journalism and gameplay let alone the ability to give an unbiased review. These ARE two different things, but when you clash the two subjects it needs to be able to flow extremely well with an unbiased opinion.

I’m very sorry to say that as IGN has grown in size, they are proportionally growing less appealing to people that really care about video games and aren’t fanboys or just playing them for the sake of pop culture. As for knowledge of their competition, it feels like IGN has completely failed when it comes to this aspect of their industry. Most of the time the coverage and/or content is completely equal to that of Gamespot’s; the articles are nearly the same with a few words and emphasis changed here and there.

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Game info sites epically fail

Posted by Eric on Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 in Gaming Life

Just like any other gamer out there, I frequent the gaming info sites; IGN and Gamespot mostly. I guess there are others out there but for the most part those are the mainstream guys. They have people that only review or cover certain genres or titles, have departments with different staff for each of the game consoles, and then branches in each country for coverage of different regions.

Everyday I hit up my iGoogle home page’s RSS widgets and check out any of that day’s reviews. Even if it’s a game I’ve never heard of, I’ll check out the article. I even share these articles with coworkers and colleagues. A lot of times there will be games that come out of nowhere for me and I end up really admiring the way they look, only to be get quickly turned off by the critic’s opinion, making that game have little to no chance of ever being within five feet of me unless it’s next to a game I want on a store shelf.

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