SEGA to republish NiGHTS Into Dreams in HD, spent 3 hours on it

Posted by Eric on Thursday, July 05th, 2012 in Gaming Life / Rants

Alright, SEGA. Sit down.

I’ve just discovered your intent to release a HD remake of your wildly popular Saturn game, NiGHTS Into Dreams. This was one of the best selling titles on the console, and NiGHTS even introduced analog controls to the world of 3D gaming! And now you plan to port it onto modern consoles following an announcement on its 16th anniversary of the Japanese release.

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Game industry "starting" to feel the effects of the recession

Posted by Eric on Monday, January 19th, 2009 in Gaming Life / News honestly not sure where to start this article. It simply amazes me that anyone could be shocked by this news. I mean, I could have never imagined feeling the effects of a world-wide recession in a bullet proof game industry!!!

Come on, seriously? OK everyone, let’s travel back in time a little bit to the good ol’ 80s. You guys ready?! HERE WE GO!!!

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I called it - Sonic Unleashed released

Posted by Eric on Sunday, December 07th, 2008 in Gaming Life / Rants

Gameplay trailers have been released over the last couple weeks, and I was actually starting to appreciate what I saw. Keyword there is "starting". I figured if the regular levels looked this cool, maybe Sega could be forgiven with whatever the hell happens to Sonic at night. Here’s one of the better trailers, even with that horrible nonsense that looks like something out of a f***ing Joel Schumacher movie. I’m gonna go cry now...

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All hope for Sonic has vanished as new Unleashed screenshots emerge

Posted by Eric on Thursday, August 21st, 2008 in Gaming Life / Rants


"So, Sonic Team, the last couple of Sonic games haven’t been all that great, what are you planning for the next Sonic title?"

"Well, we’re thinking about getting everyone pumped with the following screenshots. We’re calling it ‘Sonic Unleashed!’ "

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NiGHTS disc label and cover insert set

Posted by Eric on Monday, August 11th, 2008 in Art / Gaming Life

Wow. What a total failure on my part to keep this thing up to date! I’ve been busting my ass at work and during most of my free I’ve been working on the following:

NiGHTS Into Dreams Sega Saturn CD Label

NiGHTS Into Dreams Slim DVD Insert

I’ll probably end up changing the disc at some point because it uses NiGHTS from the Wii version. ...Yeah a review on that one will be here shortly. Enjoy!

Video capture rocks my socks

Posted by Eric on Saturday, June 07th, 2008 in Computers / Videos

I have no idea why, but I’ve never messed around with this stuff at all. Tonight I vigorously tried to figure out how the video inputs on the front of the DreamBox worked, and finally had some success. I hooked up my Sega Saturn and went at some of the classic 3D orb collecting in NiGHTS, and recorded this test video:

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MegaMan X4 CD Label

Posted by Eric on Monday, June 02nd, 2008 in Art / Gaming Life

Damn, another CD label already?? Yup. This one is for MegaMan X4 for the Sega Saturn again. I think I enjoyed doing this one a little more, and I’m happier with the result. It shows the characters from the game more, and there was a lot more customization. Enjoy!

MegaMan X4 Disc Label

I wanted to mention the level of customization here, as most of the time you’ll be hard pressed to find images of this kind of stuff on the web. You’d think it’d be the other way around, but quite the contrary, it isn’t... Here is the old logo and the one I made myself, respectively, using the old as a template of course. Yeah... that ESRB logo is mine too... ;-)

MegaMan X4 Disc Label

MegaMan 8 CD Label

Posted by Eric on Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 in Art / Gaming Life

For any backup copies of MegaMan 8 for Sega Saturn out there that need a label, look no further!

MegaMan 8: Anniversary Edition - Sega Saturn Disc Label

I took a couple hours today and the day before to make a disc label for the game to burn on these cool new color Lightscribe discs. Of course I threw it on a blue one, and it looks awesome!