This is a Metroid game?

Posted by Eric on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 in Gaming Life / Reviews
Metroid: Other M cover

When I wrote how I felt about Tecmo heading up the next title in the Metroid series, I had pretty low hopes for the developer responsible for more boobs than brains when it comes to video games. The team that brought us Ninja Gaiden and the Dead or Alive series (yes, including those spectacular Beach Volleyball games [/sarcasm]) takes a new stab at Metroid in three dimensions.

Other M is a cooperative development from select members of Nintendo and Team Ninja, along with some amazing CG work by D-Rockets (also responsible for many of Team Ninja’s cinematics). The game takes a much more story-focused approach to the Metroid franchise, attempting to "clear up" many elements of the legacy of the heroine Samus Aran. Until now, the only information we’d really had about our famed galactic bounty-huntress was bits and pieces of dialog from Fusion and the Prime series. Other than that, and whatever character development gathered subliminally from actually playing the games, previous titles either failed to mention anything relevant, or left it completely to the imagination. Either way, the character that stood before you could easily be placed in the dictionary under "badass," so you’d think that this game would follow suit. Instead, Other M does a fantastic job of taking the chiseled femme fatale molded from past entries in the series and making her softer than a cake with more emotions iced on top than a teenage prom date.

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A much needed absence...

Posted by Eric on Friday, March 27th, 2009 in Rants

Needless to say I’m totally full of suck when it comes to keeping this website up over the last couple months. I’ve been taking a sort-of vacation...from everything...and everyone. Most likely this will continue for another month or so as I’m rounding up some side-projects for a couple people and moving to a new flat. Not to mention I caught the second round of the damned workplace plague. I swear when I’m done this time I’m closing my door, and no one is allowed in without proper sterilization and an EMF test.

I’ve got a lot to say, so the rest of this article will probably just be a bunch of jumbled bull shit. If you’ve been following any of the articles I’ve written thus far or kept up with the things I generally talk about, everything should make sense.

First off, all I’m going to do is post this one image. One image should be the gavel for the case I’ve made. Ready?

A Jelly Belly video game, huh? Well then....
Court is adjourned.

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Quiklist: 5 steps to becoming a better bitch

Posted by Eric on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 in Quiklists / Rants

I. Know less roman numerals

It’s quite an easy system. There’s only seven characters for crying out loud... I’m not going to teach them to you though, so you came to the wrong place if you’re wanting to get your learn on.

That’s ‘Final Fantasy Ten 2′, not ‘X2′, ass...

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Quiklist: 5 Reasons why Nintendo = Win

Posted by Eric on Thursday, July 10th, 2008 in Gaming Life / Quiklists

I. Icons

The Big N owns characters and franchises more recognizable than Mickey Mouse himself, speaking of Mario specifically of course. That alone is pretty damn impressive. The biggest names, characters, and series in gaming history. From Mario to Samus, Link to Donkey Kong, Nintendo’s got some heavy hitters, and game titles to go right along with’em.

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