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Received an interesting welcome when I tried to play GTAIV the other day; check this out:


Not only did my XBOX360 consult me about needing to put this XBOX360 game into an…XBOX360… I guess it also felt the need to tell me in every language known on Earth. I suppose it displays that way just in case my Region 1 XBOX360 happened to be in operation by a being not of this planet. It would probably feel a little more comfortable knowing that it might know at least ONE Earthly language in the list… Godspeed Third-Galactic-Intelligence!

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Sarah Palin = …Billy Madison?

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Friday, September 26th, 2008 in Politics /Rants

It doesn’t really matter who you vote for because comedy is comedy. Both political parties have been faced with some tough on-the-spot questions and had some pretty irrelevant answers. If I were in their position, I would say something to the fact of, “To be honest, and I’m not gonna lie to you, but I’m not prepared to answer that question. 🙂 ” Politics is kinda like the S.A.T., ya know? Leaving a blank answer won’t necessary hurt your score, but answering incorrectly will. Anyway, check this out:


$700,000,000,000.00 : CHA-CHING!!

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Thursday, September 25th, 2008 in Politics /Rants

The draft for this proposal was posted on The New York Times’ website a couple days ago, and I have to say, this is one of my favorite articles of all time. The delegation of information in the draft is just amazing! I know where every cent of our 700 BILLION tax dollars are going after reading this article! Thank you NYTimes!


Lamborghini Murciélago: A 12-year-old’s wet dream…or mine…

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 in Autos

When a car accelerates you from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds, I can only imagine it forcing you to shift to second when you grasp for the steering wheel and accidentally hit the paddle shifter after it throws your ass back in the seat. All wheel drive with a V12? Two please!

Lamborghini Murciélago


Review: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 in Retro /Reviews
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars box art

When I first bought RPG back in the summer of ’96, I’d never played an role playing game before. I don’t even think I knew that this game WAS an RPG. I remember picking it up for two reasons: 1) because the cover was awesome looking; it has all these bright colors and looks very enticing – and 2) I wanted to make my friends jealous. 🙂

When I got the game home, I popped it in and I was pleased with it’s opening, music, and interface. One thing, though, left me confused; what was with this whole “battle system”? The concept of taking turns to fight each other was new to me, and it left me scratching my head as I tried to follow along with the guide I bought.

Twelve years later, I decided to play the game and take it seriously. I was trained at RPGs with good ol’ Final Fantasy VII, and have been a snob when it comes to RPGs ever since. Some I can play, some I absolutely love, and some I absolutely loathe. So, I set aside an hour or two every night before bed to get some pre-Paper Mario action in.


Super Metroid Redux – Metroid 3.5(D)

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Sunday, September 21st, 2008 in 3-D /Art
Super Metroid opening

The Plan:
Remap the Tourian zone on planet Zebes entirely in 3D, or 2.5D to be more specific, with graphics similar to that of a Sega Saturn or PlayStation game. Create polygonal templated objects for all environment pieces. Create polygonal objects for all interactive characters; Samus, Metroids, Mother Brain, etc.

If it helps, think Super Metroid on Kirby 64 mode. 🙂


Mark Bozon should be a role model for everyone at IGN…

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 in Rants /Reviews
Mark Bozon @

As you know I’ve become more and more agitated with the lack of talent at IGN and have become more inclined to start looking elsewhere for game coverage. I’ve been going there for more than 10 years now, and a lot of the people there are just completely inexperienced with journalism and gameplay let alone the ability to give an unbiased review. These ARE two different things, but when you clash the two subjects it needs to be able to flow extremely well with an unbiased opinion.

I’m very sorry to say that as IGN has grown in size, they are proportionally growing less appealing to people that really care about video games and aren’t fanboys or just playing them for the sake of pop culture. As for knowledge of their competition, it feels like IGN has completely failed when it comes to this aspect of their industry. Most of the time the coverage and/or content is completely equal to that of Gamespot’s; the articles are nearly the same with a few words and emphasis changed here and there.


Symphony of the Night disc label

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 in Art /Gaming Life

I think I enjoy doing these labels because not only does it tune my skills but it’s also fairly quick and easy work. I enjoy art so much but have always failed to come up with my own style. I’m working on that, thought. Here’s a label for Castlevania – Symphony of the Night for Sega Saturn. Enjoy!

Castlevania – Symphony of the Night Sega Saturn CD Label

Castlevania - Symphony of the Night

“Parents who use videogames as a babysitter shouldn’t have sex to begin with.”

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, September 03rd, 2008 in Gaming Life /Quotes

The game industry has long awaited a major face like Perrin Kaplan to say something like that. For an ex-vice president of Nintendo, a line like that is a pretty huge thing. I’ve been saying that parents are to blame for kids playing violent games for years. I would expect nothing less than a standing ovation at a conference where this is even muttered under someone’s breath.

Things are a lot different than when I was growing up. Obviously you’ll hear every generation say that, but when it comes to video games there just isn’t any excuse. Cars will change, music will evolve, movies will get less intelligent and entertaining as Hollywood continues fund super smash hits like Disaster Movie, and video games…well…they’ll continue to get more real. People freak out at the sight of games like GTA or Gears of War, saying they’re too violent for our society, blah blah blah. The truth is, they’re right. When our society consists of uneducated and ignorant parents who use these crazy $400 contraptions to keep their kids out of their hair while they watch reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond and laugh it up with their fabulous friends about their fabulous lives, you can expect kids to grow up corrupted. Anyone who can’t see that by now should be shot point blank in the pupil with a Dethklok t-shirt cannon. Man that’d be brutal!


Saturn disc labels redeux

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Decided to go back and apply the NiGHTS template to both MegaMan titles. Also redid MegaMan 8 to look a little fancier. The original was my first attempt so I tried to redo it with the skills I’ve learned.

MegaMan 8 Sega Saturn CD Label

MegaMan X4 CD Label

The NiGHTS‘ disc is still awaiting a jester overhaul. It’ll be up eventually. Enjoy!