Believe in the Sun!

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 in Art /Enlightenment

Love is an extremely confusing concept to me; I always try to think about it scientifically. As I sit here and try to analyze it, I deactivate the very power it grants me with. My pendulum of love constantly sways back and forth, and my emotions play out based on my perception of the reality that I, myself, create.

The Sun doesn’t work this way. It’s unconditional. It’s been pummeling the Earth with it’s life-force rays of light-energy for millions of years, never once asking for anything in return. Show the Sun any kind of emotion or feeling (or lack thereof) and it will still shine bright as ever.

This is my goal. To be like the Sun. It’s my new ideology.

Look at the sun! It's beautiful! D'awwww!!!
Damn you, Sun! You brilliant, unconditionally loving asshole!

Generations of Ancient Egyptians, even the Incas and Aztecs, actually established theologies based on the Sun and it’s rays. These societies would worship solar dieties and even erect monuments aligned with the Sun’s movement (and other stars for that matter) through our sky.

This is a cool video I found a while back when I had a small infatuation with solar flares. Actually… it’s awesome. Watch.

Moby soundtrack: -10pts.
The only song of Moby’s that I actually like/respect: +10pts.
1:35 FTW.

The Sun’s a pretty powerful entity. We, as a culture, should take a lesson or two from it; seems we tend to miss the beauty in the simplicity of unconditional love, and life itself. Humans occasionally send probes its way, or peer at it with satellites, but I’m pretty sure this just embarrasses the Sun. After all, it is naked…