Super Metroid Redux update: Metroid model started

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Friday, May 29th, 2009 in 3-D /Art

Ok, so this is a Metroid, the star of the Metroid series of video games for numerous Nintendo consoles (like you didn’t already know that…) :

Metroid enemy from Super Metroid
A Metroid as it appears in ‘Super Metroid’ for the Super Nintendo.

Now, normally one might think it would be extremely easy to sculpt something like this in 3D; at least as someone with 3D experience might. Throw some spheres together to represent the nuclei, throw that into a larger sphere, add some claw-tusk-lookin’ things and you’re set! Here’s the problem: that image and it’s subject are two dimensional, and that means there’s no cheating and turning him around so you can see him from different angles. I’ve run into a few problems in doing this…

Problem 1)
In all the references I could find where a Metroid was brought into 3D by Nintendo, there are no consistencies between any of them. Here’s an example:

Metroid renders
A render from Metroid Prime | A snapshot of a Metroid from Smash Bros. Brawl | A snapshot of the Metroid trophy from Smash Bros. Melee

Problem 2)
The game I’m rebuilding doesn’t give a strong indication of what it might look like in 3D. The two sets of claw-tusk-lookin’ things seem like they might be side-by-side, but then it also looks like there are two near the front and two near the back.

Anyway, I started modeling and really hated what was coming out of it. The geometry didn’t flow well, my polygon count was way higher than I wanted (I want to keep it around 500 like Samus), and I just wasn’t digging how it looked overall. I sat on it for a couple days, and finally hit it again tonight and here’s what I ended up with:

Spaghetti Oh's Metroid model

Right now the model sits at around 454 polys, which gives me around 50+ to play with when I model the rest of the underside (not shown). The other thing, too, is that in order to get the poly count that low I had to remove a lot of unseen geometry. This isn’t really an issue, since the camera constraints will forbid anyone from seeing what’s missing, but if I ever wanted to use the model for a full blown animation where I show angles other than what’s seen in the game, I’ll need to model it back in there. Here’s what the back currently looks like:

Metroid model back

One more thing…this was just too weird not to share. I had to import the Metroid into the level I’ve been building so I could get an idea of what I could remove that wasn’t seen by the camera and here’s how it imported…you can see Samus on the elevator, and she has no idea……….:


Head on over to the project page to see some background on this life vampire.

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OK, I gotta pat myself on the back for this one. This model is looking bad-ass. I’m loving how the textures are looking all retro-y (before you ask, yes, it’s supposed to look that way!). I ended up getting the model down to 496 polygons, but I can’t remember where I gave or took a few and ended up with 502. I’m happy with that! I am uber pumped for how this one’s gonna turn out!

Super Metroid Redux - Samus model

So far it’s taken me about three to four hours a night to get this far. I’ve spent probably a total of 25+ hours on ‘er. Head on over to the projects section to check out the texture work. It’s probably pretty sloppy, I dunno, but the actual file isn’t something you’ll see in the final product.

More to come!

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Super Metroid Redux update: Samus draft

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Sunday, December 28th, 2008 in 3-D /Art

Threw this model together for a few hours tonight. It probably doesn’t look like much to people that don’t know 3D without a texture on it, but you get the general idea. The model is under 600 triangles for anyone interested, but I think I may try to bring it down to 500. I got a lot of influence looking at the character model for Super Smash Brothers, and judging by the characters in other Saturn or PlayStation games, 500 looks to be pretty high already. We’ll see how she looks when there’s a texture on there, but for now I think it’s coming along pretty well! A few more tweaks here and there and she’ll be ready for some animation!

Super Metroid Redux - Samus draft

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Super Metroid Redux progress report

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, December 01st, 2008 in 3-D /Art

Haven’t had much time to work on this, or rather, I haven’t kicked myself in the ass enough to get on it. I keep getting distracted with video games.

  • Added some background elements to give depth
  • Modeled and textured more building block templates
  • Assembled more of the tunnels and shafts
  • Animated camera movements between rooms

Hope you enjoy!

More updates to come…

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The Plan:
Remap the Tourian zone on planet Zebes entirely in 3D, or 2.5D to be more specific, with graphics similar to that of a Sega Saturn or PlayStation game. Create polygonal templated objects for all environment pieces. Create polygonal objects for all interactive characters; Samus, Metroids, Mother Brain, etc.

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