Video capture rocks my socks

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Saturday, June 07th, 2008 in Computers /Videos

I have no idea why, but I’ve never messed around with this stuff at all. Tonight I vigorously tried to figure out how the video inputs on the front of the DreamBox worked, and finally had some success. I hooked up my Sega Saturn and went at some of the classic 3D orb collecting in NiGHTS, and recorded this test video:

I’m extremely happy with the resulting video’s quality. The only thing about capturing is that there is about a one second delay; so to work around this I split the video input to the monitor I have, then hit record on the PC while I played in real-time on the monitor.

This is going to be so much fun! I’ve already got ideas literally pouring out of my head with only a notepad and pencil to write them all down in what never seems fast enough to keep up with the rate that they are being conceived. I’ve always had limitations from doing today what I loved doing when I was a kid; only back then I only had audio. Video on a PC was still an extremely far-fetched concept. But now with the DreamBox, those ideas that always seemed so far away are only a setup’s distance from being a digital reality. With a few cables, some proprietary video editing software, and a head full of creativity I’m sure to come up with plenty of stuff to do and share!

Stay tuned for many more videos!

Setup Configuration

(I wanted to put this in there in case anyone else was having as much difficulty as I did setting up the capture on the PC.)

When using an HP with Media Center and A/V inputs in the front:

  • Plug in the source A/V cables to the front ports on the PC
  • Run the proprietary Cyberlink DVD Suite software
  • Click on the Video tab (should look like a film reel icon)
  • Click ‘Edit your videos’ > PowerDirector should load
  • Click on the ‘Capture’ button
  • Turn on your source device
  • Click ‘Settings’ in the lower right
  • Select either video input ‘…02’ for front inputs (depending on your connection type; composite/s-video) > ‘OK’
  • Your video source should now be viewable > Record away!

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