Hacked Roomba looks like Pac-Man, still a crappy vacuum

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, June 02nd, 2008 in Hacks & Mods

OK, to take a vacuum that already sucks and turn it into an LED lit Pac-Man is a pretty cool idea.

The fact that they didn’t make the overpriced motorized noise maker work any better is beyond me. I love the shot of the Roomba picking up the little blue pieces of whatever; see how it pushes the second one for a good while before even picking it up? That’s about what you can expect these things to do if you buy one.

I can’t say much about the people that purchase these machines since my dad happens to be one of them, so I’ll just direct this at, uh… Sharper Image! For marketing such a piece of shit and actually taking people’s dollars for it! WTF!

  1. Purchase Roomba, take home & unbox
  2. Place Egyptian-looking “invisible wall” sensors to create a virtual box you don’t want the little bastard to escape
  3. Put batteries in Roomba & turn on
  4. Enjoy whatever it is you’d rather be doing when you usually vacuum while an annoyingly noisy robot attempts to make due in vacuuming your _Insert room of your home here_ in, hopefully, less than two hours
Roomba showing some emotion

Sorry, guy, but the amount of time and effort you put into this thing, while praise is no doubt well deserved, you’d probably have made more of a scene with a functional Pac-Man game made entirely of LEDs. But, you’re not out to impress ME are ya?

Source: Gizmodo