“Bound by your imagination…”

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, May 04th, 2009 in Enlightenment /Quotes

There is a video I’d like to share with you. It may be a lot to take in at first, but watch it a couple times. It’s 10 minutes, so if you watched it 3 times (get ready for the best made-up word of the month) you’d’ve sat through that lame episode of primetime TV you just watched. At least use your eyes to take in something enlightening, even if you don’t necessarily agree right now…

Over the last 8 or more months, Face and I have been studying quantum physics and esoteric philosophy. I got really inspired to make a website for what we were doing, got ahead of myself and eventually just scrapped it. I still love talking about everything, though. It’s such a relief to me to know that there is an answer for everything. Anything you can think of, anything you can dream up or imagine, there is always an answer.


An interesting subject of discussion, especially lately it would seem, this… “manifestation”. As I have gradually introduced some form of meditation into my life, the things I want or need that once seemed way out of reach are finally starting to come into view. The sanity from frustration that I’ve long searched for had been right in front of me this entire time; the only thing is, I could only see it with my third eye.

I say “some form of meditation” because it doesn’t necessarily follow any particular regimen, rhyme, or reason. It just is what it is: taking the time necessary for yourself to understand and take in your current situation or scenario and putting every ounce of thought into it to find a resolution that benefits you most. The situation could be long term, or it could be short term. It could to deal with money, or relationships; physical or mental. When you take the time to understand what it is you’re actually dealing with, you begin to dissect the issue and find its origin as opposed to continuously scratching the surface of the topic. Manifestation forms. That very instant that you even start to think about what it is you want, you’ve already begun to manifest it. The thing I think most people find difficult is sticking with the choice to keep thinking positively on what they meditate about.

I’ve come to develop my own set of rules. Awareness, Acknowledgment, & Acceptance. When you become aware of something, you eliminate the possibility of being surprised by it at a later time. Acknowledgment is when you’ve used that awareness to realize and recognize the truth of what “it” is. Acceptance is what is usually necessary to move on and start thinking about it with an unbiased mindset.

The greatest thing about quantum physics, meditation, and all that stuff is that you can’t help but feel better when you deal with it. I can sit in my office and listen to David Lynch or John Hagelin talk about meditation all day. It’s music to my ears the thought that consciousness is the key to everything.

Now of course, if you’ve read this you’ll probably tend to sway in one of three directions: disbelief, enticement, or simple agreement. Be what they may to you in particular, those reactions could generally sum up where you are in your own course of enlightenment.

“As long as you continue to be bound by the laws and barriers of common physics and beliefs you will forever fail to partake in the beauties of life that exist beyond them.” ~Eric Mofield

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“Parents who use videogames as a babysitter shouldn’t have sex to begin with.”

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, September 03rd, 2008 in Gaming Life /Quotes

The game industry has long awaited a major face like Perrin Kaplan to say something like that. For an ex-vice president of Nintendo, a line like that is a pretty huge thing. I’ve been saying that parents are to blame for kids playing violent games for years. I would expect nothing less than a standing ovation at a conference where this is even muttered under someone’s breath.

Things are a lot different than when I was growing up. Obviously you’ll hear every generation say that, but when it comes to video games there just isn’t any excuse. Cars will change, music will evolve, movies will get less intelligent and entertaining as Hollywood continues fund super smash hits like Disaster Movie, and video games…well…they’ll continue to get more real. People freak out at the sight of games like GTA or Gears of War, saying they’re too violent for our society, blah blah blah. The truth is, they’re right. When our society consists of uneducated and ignorant parents who use these crazy $400 contraptions to keep their kids out of their hair while they watch reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond and laugh it up with their fabulous friends about their fabulous lives, you can expect kids to grow up corrupted. Anyone who can’t see that by now should be shot point blank in the pupil with a Dethklok t-shirt cannon. Man that’d be brutal!


“I would encourage people who want to be creative to invite miserable circumstances.”

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Nicholas Gurewitch of The Perry Bible Fellowship is one talented individual. His online comic strip is apparently record-breaking. How or what records were broken I have no idea, but only because I haven’t done any research.

“I would encourage people who want to be creative to invite miserable circumstances. If you cram that brain into a dangerous situation, it will work your butt off.” ~Nicholas Gurewitch


“When things are not as they seem, life is real.”

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I’ve come to admire many of the shows on [adultswim.com] lately. The particular quote above is from a show called Assy McGee, where the main character is the lower half of a beer guzzler guy’s bod who happens to be a detective. Like many other shows on the latter half of Cartoon Network’s schedule, many characters other than the main seem to be OK with the fact that this character is, in fact, just an ass, and in more ways than one. Here’s a clip: