Creativities: PBS remixes by Melodysheep

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 in Creativity

About six months ago I fell into a pretty deep spiritual depression and got on a hardcore Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross kick. I would scour the innernette for any and all videos I could find of these two creative geniuses and their programming. Around the same time, these videos started going viral…

Mr. Rogers – Garden of Your Mind

Bob Ross – Happy Little Clouds

Believing in yourself if the first step to bringing your ideas to fruition.

Melodysheep has been doing remixes of the scientific community for about three years, his most notable work being a remix of Carl Sagan, A Glorious Dawn. It quickly went viral and blossomed into an entire album of remixes dubbed Symphony of Science.

All of these videos, and their creator, have been a source of unlimited inspiration for me over time. Their melodic tunes and positive messages touch my heart and soul every time I watch or listen. Even though the autotune can be distracting and sometimes annoying, Melodysheep does an amazing job bringing these characters and messages to life.