Experimentation in 3D photography (wiggle)

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Saturday, November 03rd, 2012 in Art /Other

Cell phone cameras always seem to fail to capture any real depth of a scene when photographing it, resulting in a flat and soulless picture of whatever the hell was important enough to get a picture, but not by the use of any real camera.

I recently hiked a small river trail in West Virginia and came across a tree whose roots were protruding from the 3 foot cliff raised from the path of the trail. The roots went horizontally into the cliff, leaving a bit amount of shelter for any creature small enough to appreciate it. I thought, “Hey, lemme get a picture of this kick-ass tree! But wait, I know taking a picture with my cell phone isn’t really gonna grab the awesomeness in front of me. I’m gonna upload it to my computer and stare at it and think ‘YTF did I take this picture?’ ”

Then it hit me. Everything is going 3D now a days. The only thing is, it’s not really 3D; it’s just two images displayed simultaneously for each of our eyes to give the illusion of 3D. I can do that! What if I took two pictures of this tree from different angles, and animated them really quickly like those weird drawings I’ve seen out on the innernette!


Campfire trail tree wiggle

Now you get the idea that the thick root swinging up from the left creating that weird cereal bowl at the base of the tree is actually sticking out far from the cliff, and the bottom of the base clearly shoots back into the cliff horizontally! You’re welcome.

I went to Bok Tower today, a lovely botanical garden in Lake Wales, FL; highly recommend you check it out, but the first rule is not to tell anyone about it. Needless to say there was plenty of shit I wanted to photograph. I enjoyed the result of the tree image so much I thought what better opportunity than Bok Tower to do it some more! Enjoy.

Bamboo grotto
A rock inside an awesome hidden bamboo grotto.
Some cool dead tree amidst a field of life.
Bok Tower
Bok Tower itself.
Flower bed
Cool flower bed on the way out.

Last but not least, a ridiculously massive aloe plant, agave americana. This thing absolutely blows my mind.

Massive aloe plant
Massive aloe plant