LEGO Sopwith Camel time lapse build

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Saturday, September 01st, 2012 in Other /Videos

I picked up the new Sopwith Camel model from LEGO about two weeks ago and spent a Friday night hammering away at it. I knew it wouldn’t be a long build so I recorded myself putting it together thinking I could make this video and enjoy the experience later as well as share it with others. Enjoy!

This is easily the most gratifying LEGO set I’ve ever put together. There’s just enough pieces to keep you occupied but not take forever, and it’s really fun to see the functionality come together in the end. I think knowing I’d being doing a time lapse later also help. 😉

The 883 piece set took about 3.5 hours to build. The video took about as much time to edit and compile. You can pick up the Sopwith Camel directly from LEGO here.