Microsoft are watching out now, yes?

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, August 24th, 2009 in Gaming Life /News

It’s no question that Sony has nearly isolated themselves in the video game industry. Rushing an overpriced console on an anticipative people with absolutely no software to make up for the complete lack of profit on the console was nothing short of a poor business move. The integrated Blu-ray made it a cheap and upgradable DVD player in comparison, but $599 for a new game console was a budget dent very few people braved.

The tables are slowly turning and Sony is finally getting the idea into their heads that there is this race going on. A new version of the PS3 is on its way out. It’s slimmer, quieter, and most importantly, cheaper. The PS3 Slim hits shelves late this month or early next month, and at $299 is putting some serious pressure on the 360. Now they just need a reason for people to buy it other than what’s probably kept it alive all this time: Blu-ray.

Here is a commercial airing in Japan…

Source: Engadget