More video capture fun

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Sunday, June 08th, 2008 in Gaming Life /Videos

Had to make the switch today from the Saturn to my 360 to record some ideas I had for GTA IV.

Niko & Kate – So happy together
I found out late last night from Tor that there is this swingset in Broker that is glitchy. After messing with it for about three hours at 2 in the morning I kinda started to think there is something about it that was purposely put there. Either way, the Firefly Projects’ playground has a new meaning. This is a short about Niko’s dying love for Kate, so much so that he….literally wants to die with her…I guess.

Sultan RS location & fun
Found out there is a mega fast hidden car on the northernmost part of Alderney. I just threw this together real quick to show others where it is; as if there aren’t enough videos of it already. The second part, though, is still pretty odd. There is a jump, also in northern Alderney, that I love to take in any vehicle. This is the first time I did it in this one and the inexplicable happened. The car just decided to detonate after jumping out of it mid-jump. Perhaps it had some grudge and was just earning its revenge on me for getting out…