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Posted by SpaghettiOh on Friday, November 11th, 2011 in Gaming Life

Allow me to express my excitement for this game first by saying how much time I put into the previous Elder Scrolls installment — Oblivion: 157 unique hours (same character) — and then by presenting my splurge purchase, pictured below:



Fan mail for inspiration

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, August 03rd, 2011 in Art
Super Metroid

Every once in a while I get messages from YouTubers asking about Super Metroid Redux, an animation project I put a lot of time, heart, soul, and love into, and whether or not I’ve made any progress since ’08. You’d think I’d pick it back up… Out of all the unfinished projects of mine (unfortunately there are quite a few, look at this place for example) this is the only one I look back on and shed a tear.

I wouldn’t normally put a personal message out for everyone to see, but this one struck a nerve. I’m putting this here so that I have no choice but to see it out in the open every time I come here. A constant reminder of something literally devoid of my love for more than two years, set boldly on the face of the site I visit quite often, regardless of how often I add content.


Fox News’ imaginary Bulletstorm “controversy”

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, February 14th, 2011 in Gaming Life /Rants

Fox News published an article by some tool named John Brandon claiming Epic Games’ new release, Bulletstorm, is “the worst video game in the world.” The article begins as an exploitation of sorts to some of the more “distasteful” aspects of the game, soon thereafter spiraling into a fantastic whirlwind of suck luring the reader’s attention toward some of the harsher challenges of the entire gaming industry.


Excuse me… I have to Wii

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, November 29th, 2010 in Gaming Life /Rants

An article spun up over at IGN about Nintendo needing to up their game for the second generation Wii or Wii successor.

One question: Why?

Let’s get something straight real quick-like: The Xbox360 and PS3 are not direct competitors of the Wii. Nintendo is not in this game to compete, they’re here for entertainment. It just so happens that Nintendo’s knack for entertainment is making video games, and they do a pretty damned good job doing it. But to compete with something that’s not competing is like doing burnouts — the only one you’re impressing is you and your ego. Guarantee you, whether you like it or not, Nintendo will be the last game company standing. Let’s take a look at some numbers here…

Hmm.. let’s see…there’s the PS3 with 41.6 million consoles moved worldwide not far behind the 360 with 45.6 million units, and… what’s this? Oh! That’s the Wii stomping the absolute shit out of the numbers of the next-in-line. So, Nintendo, you need to step it up! Your sales are SUC-KING!


Not to be confused.

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 in Art

Some people get their signs wrong…


This is a Metroid game?

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 in Gaming Life /Reviews
Metroid: Other M cover

When I wrote how I felt about Tecmo heading up the next title in the Metroid series, I had pretty low hopes for the developer responsible for more boobs than brains when it comes to video games. The team that brought us Ninja Gaiden and the Dead or Alive series (yes, including those spectacular Beach Volleyball games [/sarcasm]) takes a new stab at Metroid in three dimensions.

Other M is a cooperative development from select members of Nintendo and Team Ninja, along with some amazing CG work by D-Rockets (also responsible for many of Team Ninja’s cinematics). The game takes a much more story-focused approach to the Metroid franchise, attempting to “clear up” many elements of the legacy of the heroine Samus Aran. Until now, the only information we’d really had about our famed galactic bounty-huntress was bits and pieces of dialog from Fusion and the Prime series. Other than that, and whatever character development gathered subliminally from actually playing the games, previous titles either failed to mention anything relevant, or left it completely to the imagination. Either way, the character that stood before you could easily be placed in the dictionary under “badass,” so you’d think that this game would follow suit. Instead, Other M does a fantastic job of taking the chiseled femme fatale molded from past entries in the series and making her softer than a cake with more emotions iced on top than a teenage prom date.



Posted by SpaghettiOh on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 in Art

I’ve been really inspired lately to do small comic strips like this one. I’ve got a couple others in a sketchpad, but I like this one the most so far and thought I’d digitize it. This one is called “Catfight.”


Red Dead Redeemed for store credit

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 in Gaming Life /Reviews
Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 cover

I’m honestly not sure what to talk about first with this title. I don’t anticipate this to be a very long review, mostly because I’m so far beyond frustrated with the game that I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. But this information needs to be heard, and this game is in desperate need of some real criticism. The fluffy scores dished out by the various review sites seem evident of publisher buy-in. I guess that works, “I pay you enough money to advertise the game, you’d better give it a damned good score!” Not in my books! You don’t pay my bills, so I can bash the shit out of this sorry-ass game!

OK, that might be taking it a bit far. I can’t make such a dubious claim without presenting some sort of reason for my scrutiny, right?

Red Dead Redemption takes place at the dawn of the Mexican Revolution, and your character, *says in a Western voice* Mister John Marston, is stuck in the midst of a civilization that can’t seem to make up their damned mind about anything. I felt there were some strong tie-ins to the political climate of today, which wouldn’t be atypical of Rockstar, but there just wasn’t enough for me to rant and rave about the story much more than that. A majority of the dialog takes place on horseback or riding a carriage, which blends already screaming voices with the constant patter of hooves and dirt. Sure, it helps set the mood of the game, but I’m not sitting right next to the fart who’s squeaking, and I had a hard time telling what the hell they were talking about. No, I won’t turn captions on, for the same reason I don’t text and drive. Duh.


The “I AM Presence” – Footnotes of the Ascended Master Discourses

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, June 09th, 2010 in Enlightenment

I recently stole a book from Meepe’s library that always caught my eye for it’s shriveled appearance. The old, withered hard-back cover and parched yellow pages hold a lone date of 1937, with $.25 written in pencil on the inside cover. I’ve been dying to unleash my creative spark lately, and more so through some sort of metaphysical experience and/or esoteric training, even one as indirect as this. So I’m going to write footnotes on each of the chapters and include some kind of art along with each one. This’ll be a series that I’ll do every so often in between some of the other articles I plan to write, but mostly because I’m a bloody-slow reader. Enjoy!

Ascended Master Discourses

The Ascended Master Discourses is a collection of lectures conveying the wisdom and mastery of various Ascended Masters. These teachings revolve around the individual “I AM Presence” – God – of light, love, and life, and aims to inspire the student with the ability to master their own existence, so-to-speak, and eventually attain true ascension, the unification of the physical body and the God-like body, the “I AM Presence.”


Nothing to fear but fear itself

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Sunday, May 02nd, 2010 in Art /Enlightenment

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

All too often we don’t realize, and more often take for granted, the unity of the ego, or conscious mind, and the self, or unconscious mind. The ego has wants, desires credit, conjures the illusion of needs, feels jealousy, hate, discrimination, etc. Whereas the self is led purely by your Spirit, the Source, the Universe, God (take your pick), and only knows love, kindness, creativity, euphoria, etc. I perceive what I’m speaking of as the bond that mends those two levels of consciousness together.

Most people don’t have a full grasp on the idea that living life to their fullest extent requires harmony between the two consciousnesses. The yin cannot exist without the yang; peaks cannot exist without valleys; light without dark; heat without cold; so on and so on.

Fear, in all actuality, exists only in the ego.