Paranoia, Fear, and Illusion

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Monday, August 17th, 2009 in Enlightenment

The following text is quoted from a blog at that I wanted to share since it falls in line with what I’ve been writing about lately. I elaborated a little bit to add punctuation etc and to help the text flow better.

If I wasn’t so darn paranoid I wouldn’t have been paying attention!
Posted by Conscious Zombie on Wednesday, October 15, 2003

In my opinion people try too hard to rationalize and label what they’re feeling, like this dummy-land scenario…

Someone gets diagnosed as being depressed/manic-depressive… or whatever… by a doctor. The doctor that diagnosed them is not even really listening or asking for details of the condition. You can tell the doctor needs to have lunch or something because he’s in a hurry; not making very much eye contact and doing the *sigh* of “I’ve heard this a thousand times”. When they’re telling them their symptoms he doesn’t seem very concerned, and they might as well be talking to some guy talking on his cell phone because he is “kinda there but not really”. THEN this man gives them a prescription… and then they take it!

Not to say that medications are bad but I believe the condition should be looked into thoroughly before medicating your life away…

Most people don’t question the world enough!!!!! There is a BIG difference between a person who lives in fear from paranoia and waste their life with, “Oh no what if Reptilian gods really do have plans to destroy me with there agenda!!!” or “I want to end my life on earth and kill myself because Chevy Chase Bank sent me a statement saying I have -$6.00 in my account.”


Yeah so our country is run by a secret society. The president is a Freemason. They are gonna start chipping us… and… So What!!? Anyone who lives controlled by their dumbass emotions of depression and fear because of these kinds of things then… WELCOME TO YOUR NEW PARALLEL-DIMENSION HOME OF ILLUSION AND FEAR.

People keep going to bed and then waking up… going to bed… waking up… doing things… then going to bed and waking up… forgetting what they’re going to say sometimes… going to bed… waking up… having good days… having bad days… staying up too late… eventually going to bed ONLY TO… wake up again.

LET ME STRESS… you don’t live on Earth so that you can give Chevy Chase Bank $6.00 for your account shortage!

Those times when you’re watching TV with people, and you get up from your slump to go do something and say, “I’ll be right back,” stretch, and then accidentally keep standing there… still watching the TV screen for no reason as 15-30 seconds, sometimes a full minute, passes by while you ZONE OUT. Um… you know, from a birds-eye view that would look really stupid: you just standing there facing an electric box not thinking or moving. And to think if you added up all those minutes you used just zoning out at the end of your life, you would immediately puke in self disgust. BELIEVE ME… You DON’T go back to bed and wake up everyday to watch reality shows… unless, of course, you live in a parallel-dimension… called hell.

The refusal to pay attention to public opinion or to your own failure is not as easy as just reading this sentence. It requires the application of strict attention… ALL THE FREAKIN TIME.

If I don’t stop typing soon I’ll become Apart of this damn chair… BUT LET THIS BURN IN YOUR MEMORY ** Sharp Metal BURN Sounds ** … ( Ouch! )

Consider for just a moment that it might be a fact that your consciousness remains the same during your little lifey in your body and after you die & “leave” your little body. So if you could broaden your awreness/consciousness before you’re at your last breath, it will be a lot better for your SOUL when you’re not so limited and conditioned by unnecessary fears about stupid things and dumb, selfish habits… like your money, your ego, and… sometimes aliens… or a fear of the moon……