Quiklist: 5 steps to becoming a better bitch

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 in Quiklists /Rants

I. Know less roman numerals

It’s quite an easy system. There’s only seven characters for crying out loud… I’m not going to teach them to you though, so you came to the wrong place if you’re wanting to get your learn on.

That’s ‘Final Fantasy Ten 2’, not ‘X2’, ass…

II. Suck at Wii bowling

If you haven’t gotten a score over 200 in Wii Bowling yet, you probably never will. Get off the friggin couch, stand up and Wii like a man!

Words. . . . . . .cannot express. . . . . . .yeah. . . . . . .

III. Play Super Street Fighter II horribly Oh look! More roman numerals!

I had the privilege of seeing an actual cabinet in an arcade a little over a month ago. Two kids were using Honda and Chun Li standing on each side of the screen doing the one button mashing, annoyingly repetitive arm chop and side kick respectively. Grow a pair and throw some Shoryukens in there, idiots…

What’s funny about this picture is that there really isn’t any depiction of who is saying that. . .

IV. Be more of a no-life

I can’t stand it when people, 90% of the time kids that shouldn’t even be playing the game, do absolutely nothing with their lives but rape and pillage casual online gamers. And then when you do happen to turn the tables and start stomping colons, they find some way to whine like a little bitch.

‘Waaah! Waaah! Noob combo, noob combo!!’

I cannot believe Bungie went out of their way to remove weapons from maps where you wankers felt it was “unfair” to have them there. What’s wrong?! 18 hours of gameplay a day and total online domination and you still can’t move fast enough to get out of the way of a plasma burst?! ZOMGWTFGTFO!!!!!!!11

V. Complain more that you never start things because you’re afraid you won’t finish them

Need some motivation? Head over to 43 Folders.com. This guys got some great stuff about all kinds of “staying in the groove” knowledge. Props to Rubik for pointing this one out. Hell, me linking to his site might actually make him post something! :HINT: :HINT:

One thing I can’t stand is people that talk, not do. “Blah blah blah! I want to do this!” Three months later, you still haven’t even started it. You suck. . .ya bitch. . .