See you at Otronicon!!!!!11

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Sunday, January 11th, 2009 in Otronicon 2009

Guess who has press passes to Orlando’s own gaming convention!

Otronicon Orlando

That’s right kids! I get to go to Orlando’s exclusive gaming convention like a real-life blog editor! I’ve had to change my pants at LEAST three times now! Thank goodness I wear ‘Oops-I-crapped-my-pants’… 😯

Stay tuned boyz & girlz, I’m gonna have as much coverage as one man can do of this fourth annual five day event. THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOMEZ!!! :mrgreen:

You can also keep in touch with myself and anyone else who is attending this ‘be-there-or-be-square’ event by checking out Otronicon’s social media gathering over at