Separation of Church and your face

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Tuesday, August 04th, 2009 in Enlightenment /Rants

This article started as a comment on a friend’s blog, but I ended up typing what would appear in a tiny comment box as an entire article in and of itself. We all know what sensitive subjects these are, and this article, along with those linked herein, are sure to somewhat upset someone, somewhere, at sometime.

So the original article can be found here (The Binary Biker: Pseudo-Science and Religion). The article (in case you’re too lazy to read it) is basically about the birth of a skeptic through misleading information provided by the now-skeptic’s church-comic containing information attempting to prove falsity in the moon-landing. It’s a pretty good read except for the last paragraph, to which I retort with the following retortion and have thus retorted.

The problem with society today is just what this article is about: that Religion and Science are (believed to be and commonly accepted as) separate entities.

There are a few issues here, the first being the keyword in the last statement: “separate”. Observe: “Religion is separate from Science.” “We are separate from each other.” “God is separate from me.”

Separatism is what keeps minds in The Matrix. More on this another time 😉

Keanu Reeves at his best

The second is reputation. Both Science and Religion have developed such a bad name for themselves, and each other for that matter. They’ve created such a strong sense of that “separatism” that the two will truly never be one in the minds of common populous. But the fact is that they are. Science and Religion are no different than the two halves of your brain. They may be used for different aspects of decision-making, thought processes, and/or life in general, but they ultimately work together to achieve a collective common sense and peace (or piece 🙂 ) of mind. Scientists and Religious Leaders turn cheeks at each other because they unfortunately believe such extremes of either variant that they refuse to accept that both their farts smell like potpourri.

God (or your “Source” as Wayne Dyer would put it) is not separate from you. God is within you. To be even more elaborate on that topic, humans are actually meant to be “God-like”. The problem humans face is that we keep God separate from us; to us God is this entity represented by some old fart with white hair, a flavor-saver and a thing for Birkenstocks. Do you think if God wanted us like him he’d make us look to this fatherly figure for guidance? God doesn’t do that…why should we? Makes you ponder on what was really meant in Genesis when the Bible says God created man in his own image.

God is a sniper
He’s pretty good at Counter Strike, too

On the other hand, you’ve got scientists proposing that humans evolved from monkeys, and that just freaks people out. Rightly so, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Humans are our own species, not a by-product of some vine-swingin’, poo-flingin’ primate. There are pictures on the net of neanderthal and human skulls of the same age sitting right next to each other for comparison. Besides, monkeys are stupid. They wouldn’t be pushing buttons, learning sign language, or going into space(!) if they didn’t have us around to throw lipstick on their pretty faces.