Posted by SpaghettiOh on Friday, November 11th, 2011 in Gaming Life

Allow me to express my excitement for this game first by saying how much time I put into the previous Elder Scrolls installment — Oblivion: 157 unique hours (same character) — and then by presenting my splurge purchase, pictured below:


Now, I’m not one for midnight releases, plain and simple. Standing in line with a bunch of hardcore nerds waiting around for the very second that a video game becomes available for purchase. Skyrim marks the second time in history Spaghetti Oh attends a midnight release — second to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Geeking out hardcore with all the other geeks in the geeky midnight release line at GameStop geek.

And now the juice…

Time in Skyrim as of this article:


Things I’m diggin’:

Dual weilding – Yep. Flames in one hand and a mace in the other. ‘Nuff said.

Skill system and presentation – Something about assembling a customized constellation in the heavens filled with nebulae of different character traits is just the most creative use of a leveling system I’ve ever witnessed.

Behold, the Battle Axe Nebula of One-Handedness!

Finishing move cinematics

Audio ambiance – From the wind through the trees, to the hollow sound of a dark cavern, God bless ambiance.

Stuff I wish was different (and slowly learning to like or will likely be alright with in the future):

Lighting (torches) – Kinda wish I could have one lit without needing to hold it. I’ve ended up just using Flames magicka whenever I wanna see something lit up.

Intuitiveness – Pulling out a spell or shield by holding the trigger it’s assigned to doesn’t activate it right away — you have to pull the trigger again.

Shit I’m not diggin’:

Menu & fonts – The fonts seem a bit modern for a fantasy game, especially coming out of Oblivion, where everything looked like it was hand-written on parchment.

General lack of attention to the UI – The simplicity and minimalist HUD is awesome, though if you’re not familiar with the game or games of its type, it may not make much sense. There also seems to be a bit of a lag with menu selections, especially when engaged in conversations.

Anyway, back to another world!