Skyrim: Day Seven

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Friday, November 18th, 2011 in Gaming Life

This game… there is truly no way to describe the experience one could having playing it. The level of escapism and immersion is astounding. Admittedly, I have found myself to be more productive at work because I just want the time to pass so I can go home and play this fucking game.

The Skyrim Effect – I still jump from excitement whenever the word “Skyrim” is said by characters in the game.

After having them for a week, I have to say that the surround-sound headphones I bought are well worth the price tag. For someone like me, living in an apartment, a full surround-sound system is a no-go. I’d have people glued to my door all hours of the night telling me to turn the noise down. It must be a little creepy from an outside perspective, me sitting in complete silence, lit only by the glow of the TV I’m sitting four feet away from, with an occasional bark of awe, laughter, or frustration. So I leave the TV turned up loud enough for that to not be the case, but low enough that it doesn’t affect the exclusivity of the headphones. 😛

Time in Skyrim as of this article:


Things I’m diggin’:

The scenery

Yeah… it’s pretty fucking beautiful here.

Here’s a bioluminescent cavern filled with some creepy alien goblin things.

Which is your favorite season? Oh yeah, it’s got that, too.

Sprint – I’m sort of a traditionalist, and if a location is close enough I’ll skip fast travel and hike it on foot. I love being able to run faster during moments of inactivity along the way.

SNEAK ATTACKS! – There is absolutely nothing like surprising someone or something with a damage multiplier because they didn’t see you comin’!

Stuff I wish was different (and slowly learning to like or will likely be alright with in the future):

There is no “breath” meter while underwater. – Not that I spend eons underwater or anything, but eventually your character will just start gargling and losing health until you reach the surface. Really? No extra bar for air supply?

Shit I’m not diggin’:

(Weapon) Intuitiveness – I officially don’t like this now. It’s aggravating that I can’t draw a bow and pull back an arrow with the same trigger pull. And unless the trigger is fully released, the next arrow won’t pull, either. The same goes with melee weapons. This is also frustrating when switching weapons or spells with the quick-menu. If the trigger is pulled before the equip is ready… same thing.