That’s what you get for reading Car & Driver

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Tuesday, June 03rd, 2008 in Autos

The boys at Autoblog seem upset that Car & Driver prefers the BMW M3 over the new GT-R or 911Turbo. You have to remember guys; the magazine is out there to sell itself to people who are generally uneducated about cars and loves to display “hot” autos on the cover to materialistic fools who know nothing about a real driving experience but feel like they’ve made up for it by purchasing an overpriced German Lexus. They like to save money and share that “knowledge” with their readers. If you can look “hot” while doing it, why not pick up a new beemer for a low price that has not-so-comparable results against cars that cost sometimes $20k+ more. You might get absolutely destroyed by a car whose manufacturer you likely can’t pronounce correctly, but DAMN do you have a BMW! What a CHICK MAGNET! Come on guys, stick to Road & Track.

Source: Autoblog