The “I AM Presence” – Footnotes of the Ascended Master Discourses

Posted by SpaghettiOh on Wednesday, June 09th, 2010 in Enlightenment

I recently stole a book from Meepe’s library that always caught my eye for it’s shriveled appearance. The old, withered hard-back cover and parched yellow pages hold a lone date of 1937, with $.25 written in pencil on the inside cover. I’ve been dying to unleash my creative spark lately, and more so through some sort of metaphysical experience and/or esoteric training, even one as indirect as this. So I’m going to write footnotes on each of the chapters and include some kind of art along with each one. This’ll be a series that I’ll do every so often in between some of the other articles I plan to write, but mostly because I’m a bloody-slow reader. Enjoy!

Ascended Master Discourses

The Ascended Master Discourses is a collection of lectures conveying the wisdom and mastery of various Ascended Masters. These teachings revolve around the individual “I AM Presence” – God – of light, love, and life, and aims to inspire the student with the ability to master their own existence, so-to-speak, and eventually attain true ascension, the unification of the physical body and the God-like body, the “I AM Presence.”

St. Germain ~ 1.1.1937

The first paragraph alone shocked me as Germain immediately called out a student who was claiming to others that they were “receiving the Light and Sound Ray from Jesus when he is not.” Caution was used not to declare them by name, but the mere fact that this was in the text took me by surprise! Like, “OK, before we get started, could the Jesus faker in the crowd please just knock it off? You know who you are… kthxbye.”

This first lecture mostly talks about discipline. Germain moves on to speak about disciplines in the belief in the work of the Ascended Masters. (As I wrote this I guess I finally caught the symbolism in the word “discipline” as it pertains to “disciple.” Heh…funny how one only lets illumination of certain angles in at certain times.) He says that having human thoughts about something not all that human (the work) essentially cancels out the work in its entirety, and that one cannot be helped if they do not believe in the help they are receiving. I guess having “faith” in the work would seem more important than the work itself. I recall working retail sales at Circuit City and how if I honestly didn’t believe I could sell an extended warranty on a television, then I surely wouldn’t. In that same context, if I didn’t believe in an extended warranty for a particular type of product, like say an MP3 player, I couldn’t sell it.

Another method of presentation that caught my interest was his inclusion of “discord” as a human condition, like criticism or jealousy. He speaks of this when talking about being close-minded to such feelings; essentially that neglecting their purpose, or shall I say inevitability, in life also closes the mind to receiving the help of the Masters. I like this because it reminds me that the chaos that one might hold so dearly could still be something dreaded by others. Personally I don’t regard discord as a bad thing, as deep down I believe it to be the only “thing.”

The “discipline” of the lecture continues with reminding the students that the only way to stay aligned with the stream of positive energy that is our “I AM presence” is to do just that: continually practice calling it forth to influence our physical world. The positive energy will never “intrude” on your life unwillingly, that is without call or intention. I’ve always had the most trouble with this part: doing it continuously.

For me, I dubbed calling forth this energy “reprogramming the Matrix.” I reprogram the Matrix to be a certain way, then get so caught up in the excitement of the realization of my newly manifested program that I don’t go back to do it again. I have a “duh!” moment and have start from scratch. Germain calls this “requalifying.” It’s similar to, for example in the Church, only praying to God when one needs help. One essentially has to reacquaint themselves with such powerful energy each time, instead of maintaining a strong, constant relationship.

The Discourse closes with an invocation of sorts, calling forth the “Mighty I AM Presence” in everyone in the audience, thus the readers as well, and blessing them with the assistance to maintain a radiance of love and harmony throughout the rest of the year as well as the reminders they’ll need to stay in touch with God to be a positive influence on those around them.

Favorite quote in this Discourse:
“Individuals would not go to the expense of sending telegrams, if they were not sincere in their feelings.”

Sunset from the sky in the Southeastern US
Taken from the window on the flight back from my recent vacation to Texas.